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Full Version: Guidance Required for Canada - Urgent
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Can anyone kindly guide me .. I have started ACCA a couple of weeks ago but now i have got an opportunity by mean of a relative to study in canada in the 'Fort mcmurray' (Alberta).. The College name is
'Keyano College' and they are offering these programs

http// ..

I dont have any idea about the Diplomas or Certificates which they are offering thats why I am so much confused and depressed.. can someone tell me should I first finish the ACCA and then I should attempt to go there or I should go there and should get admission in

1- Business Administration - Accounting
( http// )


2- Business Administration - Business
( http// )

or if someone can tell me if these courses are equivalent or better then ACCA (U.K) .. I would be thankful as well if someone can tell about the scope of ACCA (U.K) in Canada as well...
acca(uk)has a god reputation in uk but outside you have to do bridiging course. if you take this degree to canada you will face a competition from cica(canada institute of cchartered accountants)and your acca will not be 100% acceptable. go to website to find out what exemptions are available on acca(uk).
as far the canadian certificate/diploma is concerned it will be better if you ask the person who referred you. but do keep in mind that degree is always better than a diploma. you will have a hard time getting job base on your diploma plus the institution from where you are doing should have a good reputation/ranking.
if you intend to come to Pakistan after doing you diploma/certificate than beware don't waste your time and money. you will not get anything out to it. i hope that answers most of your query.
Thnx for your abrupt reply acer .. but I am waiting if Toronto_Boy may also debate on it...
Dear Ammu

First of all, I don't know about this college or its programs as I don't live in Alberta. Canada is geographically very vast country, perhaps second or third largest.

Also, you need a degree to work for Canadian accounting designation, if that is your ultimate goal.

Would you come here on student visa, or you have some sort of legal arrangement like permanent residency or citizenship. Remember, foreign student fees are much more than local student fees. Still, it would be college diploma/certificate.

Why you wanna burn your precious money by paying foreign student fees here. ACCA in Pakistan is a good option, after that get CGA which is Canadian accounting designation, and then come here with ACCA/CGA, relevant experience, and with a degree from Pakistan.

With ACCA, one may apply for professional jobs here, but generally Canadian employers ask for Candian designations, one of which (i.e. CGA) an ACCA member can get from Pakistan these days.

Bundle of thnx acer and Toronto_Boy .. Toronto_Boy can i have ur id please??? yahoo or msn ???? juz send me a lil mail at
Dear Toronto_Boy, i read many of your replies and suggestions in different forums and learned that you are quite experienced in this field (i.e. regarding accountancy) so i also want some advise from you.

i recently started CA and am in module A, i read your reply in a forum about scope of CA outside pakistan and am worried bcoz i heard that CA had a good worth world wide. now i dont know what i m going 2 do if aftr 2yrs of hard wrk (module A - D) i wont b worth a cent in foreign. well now i dnt have any choice accept completing CA till moduleD but i want to ask wat should i do after completing my moduleD ??? should i pursuit my articles or get any other certificate like ACCA or CFA (like u suggested somwhere in a forum)

i know that i m planning hell ahead of time but thats wat u told juniors to do. so plz suggest me track to follow after my D module.
awaiting 4 ur response.
Dear prince adi

First of all, both CA(ICAP) and CMA(ICMAP) are well respected designations in Pakistan.

As student of accounting, you and other new students would soon learn that their is no absolute solution available in this world which would solve every issue and which would be applicable in every situation and in every country. Same is the case with accounting designations world wide.

For example, CPA (AICPA) is a prime accounting designation in USA but not the prime one in other countries. Similarly, ICAEWs CA is also prime designation in UK, but does not have the same worth in other countries. Each country respects its own designations first. So, when members of such designations go to other countries, they may get jobs based on their experience, but would not have same prestige as the designation holders of that specific country (i.e. new country). So, to have the same prestige in new country, they try to get new country's designation by any means. This process takes some time and lot of efforts, time, and energies/resources. The length of this process and efforts required depend upon what kind of formal acceptance arrangement (like MOU, MRAs, Reciprocity etc.) the first designation (of previous country) has with the second designation (of new country).

So, one of the objectives of my posts for new students of accounting in Pakistan is to educate them about their goals and expectations from their designations which they are pursuing, their objectives in life, and available plans and options to get those objectives. Thus, they can plan ahead of time, in quite early and energetic age, when they are living with their parents and have no or minimal responsibilities. So, they can utilize their time and efforts in effective and efficient way, according to their future goals and expectations. It would save them standing in a new country with a wife, some kids, many responsibilities, demands etc. etc. with less flexible remaining available options.

You are on right track by planing ahead of time, so you can figure out your available options for your objectives in life. Thus, you may prepare your road map and work for those.

Dear, I don't wanna influence your decisions about your own life. My objective is just to educate new students about the strengths and weaknesses of available qualifications in Pakistan and to tell them about available options in life, so they can take well informed decisions. But I would appreciate, if they do it by themselves, rather than asking myself or someone else, so they would be responsible for their own decisions. I want them to have and develop strength of taking their decisions.

After module D, you may start leftover courses of ACCA (after exemptions basis of module D)alongwith remaining exams of CA(ICAP) and with articleship. Remaining exams of ACCA would be easy as compared to starting CFA alongwith completing CA(ICAP) remaining modules.

CFA is a different field, which you may start, after at-least completing any of CA or ACCA. Concurrent study of CFA with any of other two would be much hard.

I hope it helps.

Best Wishes

Thnx alot 4 ur advice brother. I'll now definitely try to take decisions my self. One more thing i would like to ask you (a little personal) is that what track do you took in the field of accountancy.
Thnx again.
Dear prince adi

If track means my qualification, then I am licensed CPA (AICPA).

Toronto_Boy can i have your some email id, i want to discuss my matter in details which i cant right here ..