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i am doing my A levels & would like to go in commerce.
i will appreciate ur ideas & suggestions!

i think options available to me r

what do u think??

where is everyone?
pls do help me!

people plzz help this poor guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am expecting a better feedback this time!!

[(!] [V]

I just came accross your thread.

You are expecting feedback about the course of study i.e., if you should go for BSC or ACCA or CA?

BSC is an academic qualification.
ACCA is good if you want to work abroad i.e., in UK, UAE or middle east.
ACA offers the widest scope if you want to work in Pakistan.

I've briefly told you the differences in the scope of these qualifications. Now choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Good Luck!

@ astute

well i wanna know the best route for me to complete my ACA/ICAEW from pak.

i am currently doing my A levels..



acha people atleast tell me which country has lower cost of living



o common people u can answer this one atleast...

where r the members from UAE & UK????

speak up people!!!
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<br />SALAM,
@ astute

well i wanna know the best route for me to complete my ACA/ICAEW from pak.

i am currently doing my A levels..


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There are 2 ways for entering ICAEW though ACCA
1)Completed your 3 yrs PER and after becoming member of ACCA you can get a straight entry to ICAEW with exemptions depending upon your ACCA papers.
2)After you become affiliate of ACCA and if you apply for a training contract from your employer you wont any turbulence to enter ACA.

ICAP members may gain credit for up to all of the Professional Stage modules, except for Business Strategy.

The choice is yours whether you want to join it ACCA route or via ICAP's CA route. I'm not giving my verdict so as to join route "A" or route "B" because you know your circumstances more than do I know.

Osama dear, it depends on whether you will be living with relatives or on your own.
what will your choice be?

let's assume that in both the cases i am going to be independent!
so then which country would be more expensive??
dubai or england?

do reply..


So what would the answer be huh??

Both are expensive, in fact Dubai can be even more expensive. it depends on whether you intend to live in sharing accommodation or independently and which area of Dubai you choose to live in.

hmm i see,

well in dubai ofcourse i am gonna lie in place near to phoenix..

Anyways let me ask a tougher question,
I have been told that roughly if i waana live in london then i will need 8000 per year including my academic expenses..

So can u tell me or give me a rough idea how much an independant student will need to live in dubai per month or year excluding the academic expenses..

Don't worry all i need is a rough idea!!

a 1 bedroom flat in a decent neighborhood in Dubai can cost between dhs40 to 50 thousand pa. again it depends on whether you will be sharing or living separately. electricity around 500 a month in summers, food around 500 a month. etc
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