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Full Version: 5 thousand why this is happening....
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Today I went to ICAP office. I have taken form for ppt and for prepration of it. I'll have to join any centre I called Anis Accountancy centre they are taking 5 thousand for just one month.

I dont have any Idea. I have sample paper in maths im really confused . And even don't know what is going to com in test.

Why Poor students are ever treated like this. From using net i came to know many things regarding studies.

In 11 december i have to appear in ppt.

No body should be measured in terms of wealth and money. I find no reason for you to get depressed and dishearted.

I told you that PPT is not that difficult. You simply try to find out a student who has recently passed PPT. He/she can guide you in detail as to what you have to study and how you can practice and improve the knowledge on typically tested areas.

Very mediocre students have been seen getting through PPT after some hardwork.

If you don't find any way out after putting in all efforts and making all inquiries, then finally let me know.

Keep in mind nothing can stop the "light" to magnify and clarify the visibility and nothing can stop a "brain" from getting to its destination.


Salam Kamran bhai,

Thanks for the reply. But I am finding no one who has given ppt. The area I belong there is no one to guide and I know no one in my area or in my relative who is CA qualified.

Well thanks I really want to clear it. Ok after some day If I don't find any one I wil contact you.

@kamrana aca

I just wanna ask that did u received my e-mail??


You have not shown up again on this thread. Did you find a solution or way out?



Thanks for noticing me, Well i decided to take PPT in march. I have truly made up my mind for CA. And everything depends on God. He will do best for me Insha Allah...
Thanks Kamran bhai,

Bus ap logou ki dua chayeh. Bus ab apne mama papa ko dispoint nahe karna mai bohat mehnat karougi Insha Allah.
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