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Full Version: Why My Country Code is "PK"
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..ok.. samajh aa gai.. thanx

Edited by - TheOne on May 12 2003 125828 AM

Edited by - TheOne on May 12 2003 125938 AM
dear "the one" its always u coz i think PEE KAY is after u...ha ha
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Majid Bhai,
PK is not only after "The One" and it is "pee kay" after "The One"


Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,
"Pee Kay" is not noly after "TheOne"... it's after everyone in Pakistan in internet world. It's after (interestingly if you don't write Pee Kay after, you'll end up at "International Center for Alcohol Policies"), it's after ... even it's after If there was no "Pee Kay" we couldn't reach here at this forum... So, if you wanna reach required destination, you have to write Pee Kay. We should respect Pee Kay (PK)... after all it's our identity in cyberspace.... My question is why us?

TheOne, if our identity is 'Pee Kay' then

Indian identity shold be 'Kha Kay'

Dont u see? our international airline is
"Pee Aaayeeyay" (PIA)

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha