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Full Version: Can a person start C A profession at 28yrs of age
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I have a query regarding the CHARTERD ACCOUNTANCY Profession that can an individual professionally educated as ACCA(AFFILIATE) can start CA at the age of 28 and if answer is positive than are there? opportunities for the very same person to have a good future besides hard work ,honesty and determination being considered basic criteria.



The answer to such question can only be given by the person raising such query because only he knows perfectly that what are his limitations as to time, financial autonomy and regarding other such factors.

As a general view, yes if he can invest 3 to 4 years time (at least) in CA, it will certainly pay him back.

However, this answer is too much specific to the ACCA affiliate settled at Pakistan. At Middle East he can find a job without doing so.


28 saal ka baad to shadi hi karlo life easy ho jaye gi
Hi Ad Account,

There is no age limit for education. Just go ahead, don't care who says what.

ad accounts,

I think, if you are an ACCA affiliate, doing a job in some company and completing CFA certification would be a more better option then leaving your job and concentrating solely on becoming a CA. However, its only what I would sugget, the final decision would be yours.
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