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Full Version: Does bank internship help getting firm articleship
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Hi to all,

Will somebody tell me to what extent 3-month bank internship help in getting in articleship contract in big4?

Actually, I'm an ACCA student, passed F1-F6, waiting for result for F7-P1 and studying some more papers. Timing of classes is in the evenings rather at night. I've applied for internship in bank alfalah, because I know that firms are not inducting at the moment and will start inducting in March or April. Until that time, is it better to do internship and get some exposure of banking sector?

Anybody who is experienced, will please tell me what options do I have except this and a bit of analysis of this option as well...
why not to do internship for 3 or 4 months in small audit firms? This may help you but internship of bank may be not. Any other reply will be welcomed.