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Ms. Jennifer

I don't at all wish to discourage you since I don't even know your complete plan of shifting to UK and your sources / resources required to do the needful. However, as a general rule, I feel like telling you that the professional firms at london and specially the big firms (not only Big 4) do not so easily accomodate the expat students. They usually prefer localized students for many reasons.

Further, it is almost out of the question that you get into Big 4 at london by applying while staying and residing at Pakistan. There may arise some opportunity, if fortune works, provided you are landed and stationed at UK, before raising any such request. Your CV should cleary depict that you are locally stationed.

Arranging of visa and long-term stay may also be a hard-nut since you should not preferably expect to manage it after getting placement in a firm. You ideally need to have the stay permission before applying and getting any placement.

I know, nothing is impossible, still, it was necessary to clarify the exact situation.

By the way, why are you not looking forward to have your training done at Pakistan?


I disagree. I had been browsing various website of the top ten firms in the uk and they do intake 10-15% of international students. They have two schemes for jobs. Graduate scheme and experienced hire scheme. The latter one requires relevant professional experience. If you have a bachelors or masters degree in ANY subject, you can apply under the graduate training scheme. Most of the good firms have a minimum requirement of an A in maths and english in GCSE(O level), UCAS 300 points, and a 21 degree or their equivalents. If you satisfy these and fill in their online application form with a good communication, they will surely look into your form and will contact you. Once you are offered a job by them, they will apply for a work permit on your behalf(subject to mark labour test)
After they consider your application form, you will have to give two online tests. If you succeed in those then you will be asked for interviews. For interviews you will have to go to their office(london). Some firms reimburse 100£ of the travel expenses. If you are successful in the first interview then you will have a final interview. Upon a successful interview, you will be offered the job. Depending on your selection of the job, you will be studying towards a professional qualification(audit and assurance trainees train for the ACA/CA qualification, ICAEW/ICAS). I hope that helps. Further quieries are welcomed
All the processes before the interviews are purely online. You can apply while staying in pakistan

One should be practical while taking the decisions of life. You are located at Pakistan and the International Students, that you are refering, practically do not include our countrymen, although theoratically it appears as such. You will apppreciate that international category preferably includes, German, American, Chinese, Japnese, Koreans, Malaysians, French. Ducths, Swiss and other nations of Europe, America and some of Asia.

If you feel you or I are also included, then I cannot comment. Simply go to some Embassy at Islamabad either at Diplomatic Enclave or some other place like F-6; and exeprience what you are for them.

Let some one try it and then share the results. You will not find anything different than what I wrote.


I don't talk without knowledge. Many of my friend's friend got chances, PAKISTANIS. They are working there now. Recently my classmate got a chance for an interview. He is gonna go to uk for that. Uk Firms don't discriminate, it's against their law. Once they give you a certificate of sponsorship, you are almost certain your visa will be accepted(if you fulfill their tier 2 points)
hmmm but what about the travel expence for the 1st interview........

Partners of 4 firms and Directors of two firms, at London, ireland and scotland (one scotish, few english and a few Pakistani) are my friends, including one of the Big 4. Some are very close friends.

I know how desperately people (Pakistan originated, I mean) search for placements and are rarely entertained.

If you wish to base your view on theoratical or more precisely on positive side perspective, I have no gain in arguing.

I told Yerusha what she should be concentrating on.

Certainly your view point will encourage her but she should be more careful for having a contingency plan in place before taking a move.


Sarhandi some firms reimburse only travel expenses of upto 100£(which is quite low compared to the ticket expense)
Kamranaca there was nothing "theoretical" in my previous post, they were "practical" real life examples
Youshua i would advice you increase your IT skills(MS word, excel, quickbook etc) and go for the International Certificate in Financial English. It helps the employer know you have good command over english and communication skills. Get yourself engaged in extracurricular activities. You have to show to them you are unique and a well-balanced individual among those hundreds or thousands of applicants
Do create a provision of your application not being processed, because competition is intense. Not only Pakistanis, but huge number of PpL from the subcontinent and other countries apply each year

I would tend to agree on the "practicality" of your real life view point provided Yerusha is Dr. AbdulSalam or Abid Hassan Minto or at least Khawaja Amjad Saeed.

Do you know how many Pakistan originated, "Pakistan based" students are at any of the top 4 (let's extend it to top 9) firms at london who got placement while sitting back at homeland on the basis of meritorious real life "practical" approach you are advocating?

Don't take it as offence since it's none of any personalized issue.

Choose any of top nine London based firms and let me know on the forum. I will try to find out the answer to above question for you.

Plz exclude the Pakistani students who did so while having any dual nationality or have been routed through Malaysia channel.

This will only provide you a "real life" satistics. Let's do this.


I have given two examples already. One was my class mate for 5months, the other one his friend. They are originally Pakistani. One of them is in Big4, earning 2400£/month, the other one has an interview with a big9. I hadn't asked details because we aren't good friends, just hÌ hello during classes

Every one has a totally different scenario of life which provides him/her different challenges, diffculties and opportunities. No one denies the rare cases of under-developed nations like us which we know can even be witnessed at NASA. But as a general practice how those nations treat us is nothing behind the wall.

I tell you that in top 4 or 10 firms of UK there would be RARE examples of the students intake under the proposition we discussed. You can simply post your inquiry to such effect to any of such firms or search on internet and you will find the answer.

I don't intend to discourage a student or prove some wrong point; instead, I wish to inform what in fact is the situation.

I would love to know the name of your class-mate and the name of the firm he was taken in, if you don't find it a matter of non-disclosure.


Everyone has his/her own opinion. I have my examples, you have yours. I emailed the firms, and got replies whenever i had a query. One can always try to be different from thousands. I just answered the topic, no personal discussions
That's why I called it "theoratical".

No issue.
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