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Full Version: kamran bhai me want some advice from u....
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kamran bhai well i m a student of module A and have to take respective exams on march. well kamran bhai the problem is that i really dont know how to prepare myself for these exams i m too much scared and confused as i have heard that the questions of icap are too much conceptual and unanswerable.

so please kamran bhai reply to me as soon as possible as i have left just one month. even one month looks like to be just one day left for the exams.

waiting for your soon reply.


I don't know whether or not you are a commerce graduate. If you are; and you did your B.Com sensibly and conceptually then you will feel no discomfort in module A and B; and even in some papers of C and D.

It depends upon how clear are your concepts and how good and focused studying habits you have.

If you are not a commerce graduate but you have undergone coaching and you have picked the concepts and you understand the syllabus, even then it's no issue. Whoever says "it is impossible" "and you will not get through" etc. is deviating your focus and concentration.

Give proper dedicated and attentive time to studies (at least 12-14 hours per day), obtain guidance from wherever you can on unclarified issues and try to do maximum practice, wherever required. Also practice at least last 8-9 attempts papers. Use quality study material.

Keep on getting prayers of parents and elders.

You will Inshallah succeed.


salam kamran bhai

well kamran bhai thank you soo much for your kind reply.

well actually my basis are Pre-Medical that's why i'm facing a little bit problem in my preparations.

but once again thank you soo much I think in following your advice i will Inshallah easily pass the exams.

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