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I am studying BBA first year in muscat, Oman. I am interested in becoming a CA. There's this ACCA course available in Oman, but the problem is that I'll be going back to India after 2 or max.3 years. Now, I know that ACCA in not much recognised in India, only some MNC's acknowledge it and a ACCA holder cannot start his/her private practice in India, also I cannot go back to India now and study there due some personal reasons. So, should I study ACCA here for time being and then when I go back to India, study ICAI? Are there any exemptions to some exams for ICAI if I give some exams for ACCA? or Is there any ICAI exam center near this country? those know anything about it, please help..

Well Dear I don't know about Job Market of India. But in middle-east U don't need any AccA. Just say U r indian. Most of indians are already in Accounting jobs having bachelors and masters degree in commerce working and willing to work on any salary. Even if you don;t know spelling of Debit or Credit U will get a lot of Favor on basis of your nationality.

Mostly finance managers of small companies are indians, they will prefer you over Pakistani Acca's, CMA's, MBA's, Etc. This is in case when you even don;t know A-B-C of Accounting!

Hope U don't mind the Truth.