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Full Version: MY APOLOGIES....
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Since I joined different forums at this website and started postings, during last week I received many emails cursing and abusing me about my so many posts... one email said "you seem to be some icap dropped out who could't pass, that's why you are pissing."... in fact right place to reply those postings was this very forum but I still don't mind those emails... it's also a kind of safety-vaulve for our closed-end minds. Apologise to all those who've been hurt by my many postings... next time I'll be more careful. This forum is also not the right place for my Apology, but since many of "referred" postings related to this forum so I'm compelled to do it... my apology to the Admn. of the Forum also, I wouldn't post such message again here. If needed, it'll be in general discussion forum.