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Full Version: CIMA prospects
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I want know gather some useful information about CIMA prospects in Pakistan and worldwide as i m planning to go for it.
Also suggest me about the best tuition provider for CIMA in Karachi?

If you want to be in pak, go for ICMAP. CIMA is a recognised management qualification abroad
Assalam Aliakum
Hussain,Cima is trying to create its market in Pakistan,in my opinion cima's future is bright in Pakistan
Al Hamd is providing regular tuition of cima in Karachi
For further details about tuition providers you can visit
Can you do CIMA after Alevels?
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<br />Can you do CIMA after Alevels?
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yes you can.. there is no entrance requirement for CIMA.. i can be started even after matric or o'levels