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Full Version: Certificate for Income Tax Deduction by Employer
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I just would like some clarification regarding the certificate provided by the employer regarding income tax deduction at source.
The hypothetical case is as follows

For example employee ABC is receiving a hypothetical salary of 1000 p.m. from company XYZ and hypothetical income tax rate applicable is 6% of salary p.m.

However in the entire year, the company only deducted 60 from only one month’s salary whereas no income tax was deducted in the other months. So total income tax deducted for the tax year was 60 against total salary received for the year of 12000.

Should the certificate for the tax year mention the cumulative gross salary for 12 months, i.e. 12000 or just the one month, 1000 for which the income tax was deducted?
did employee provide any evidence of advance tax e.g tax paid on utility bills, mobile fone bills....etc. ?
Gross Salary ap ko 12000 hi show karni pary gi,
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