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Full Version: e-filing of Tax Returns
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i dont know how to efill owners income tax return can any one guide me
can any body guide me to prepare tax return
Silent eyes,,,,
return aysy to file nahi ho sakta na jab tak aap batayen gay nahi k ap k nature of income kya hay. or Status kya hay ap k owner ka.
laptop can i send u detail of my owners can u make it for me
JI, sab say pahly un ka NTN number or email ID send karyn, us k baad un ki tamam incomes or tax withholding ki detail send kar dayn.
k i will send it to u , so i want to learn it too laptop so tht in future i can prepare it
could you people please tell me what does "SB" stands for in the import section of sales tax e-filling
dear i think small busniess but not comferem

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<br />could you people please tell me what does "SB" stands for in the import section of sales tax e-filling
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You can simply go ahead and approach the most reliable tax consultant who can help you with subject like [url=
]efiling of income tax return for individuals[/url][/php].
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Can anybody let me know how to learn and practice e-filing of Income tax (withholding tax, salary sections know hows)returns and sales tax (input and output calculations, adjustments) and filing of return.

Is there any workflow/flow chart for e-filing you people can share?

Also, any training workshop you people know due to happen in coming days at islamabad?

I will be extremely thankful for this help.


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