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Full Version: Need guidance from elders..
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This is Heer from Karachi, 17 years old girl, currently in my 2nd year of Intermediate Commerce. I wanted some suggestion related to my career decision, I am planning to pursue an ACCA( don't have plan to go UK, USA or UAE ) and the second option that is revolving in my mind is to go for LLB as it suits my nature more lol. And second thing that I dont want to to be a complete professional woman, so suggest me what will be better for part time. I think LLB( as you can be yur own boss by renting an office). Dont say for CA. Because I dont want to waste the precious years of my beautiful life P. I am just planning to study for 4-5 years more once my Intermediate is finished.
Concluding, what I want to ask is about the value of ACCA in Pakistan only, and being a girl(future woman) in a third world country like Pakistan( where working women are only 6%) How good is hold a CA or an ACCA degree... Also if you have any advice about LLB, then kindly give, it will be appreciated, but as it is an accountancy forum, so i m not asking lol.
If you do not want to go abroad then it is useless to pursue ACCA as its value is diminishing. As for LLB I can't tell you much there as it is completely different from CA / ACCA. If you don't plan to work full time in future I would suggest that you got for BBA from IBA (since you are from Karachi) or for that matter any other institute.
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