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Guys Audit life sucks!!
working for 14-14 hours constantly....few hours sleep ....
taking couple of coffee mugs a day!!!!
is this normal!!!
y doesnt any international body intervene and set working standards for accountants!!!!...
arnt chartered accountants working in this routine insane?
or do people percieve it as competence and hard work!!
Man i guess hard work has some defined white lines!!!!
there should be a difference between humans and animal!!!
give your view!!! over the above statement!
Welcome to the world of exploiting. I understand how it feels.
Group of trainees must unite and contact ICAP. They don't even compensate overtime in the form of extra leaves.
hey dard me not trainee em member icap myself!..working in big 4 dubai! doing Job there..i am already done with training of 3.5 years!!! )
Oh haan, aap. Was training at PwC like this too?
That's why most accountants and auditors have nil social lives, sadly
and they become mentally ill too! ) me ab tak tu normal hooon but i fear aisa he raha tu jald insane people ki list mein shumar hojaeun ga!
Why didn't you choose industry job? That's comparatively better. Aapko to waise bhi achi industrial job mil jaati, even abroad
dkhte hein!!!!