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I just got a call today that the test for the Financial Trainee Officer post is being conducted at 930 tomorrow. Any idea what it shall be about?
no idea but congratulations.. hope you get in

which city you from?
Companies do not usually have hard questions compared to accountancy firms. Do get prepared for Financial reporting, accounting, basic definitions and perhaps financial management.
What is your qualification Eshah? And how did you apply to that post? Did you submit a hardcopy of C.V?
Please let us know the contents of the test after you give it.
@eshah The test at ICI doesn't really contain any technical questions. It is basically conducted to see how well you work under time pressure.
For the tests you need to know basic Mathematics, Directions (North, South, East, West), meanings of some English words and you will also be solving some picture sequences.
In the end you will be given ten minutes to write a small essay on a topic.
@Dard You can take a look at the following link and also apply there if you meet the minimum selection criteria
@ Dard and @CC@. Thanks alott for your help!

They just gave like a 24 hr notice lol and I have not revised anything from such a long time. (

I am from Lahore and just have one exam of ACCA left to clear, i.e. P7. Joined ACCA after my A levels!

I came to know through someone and emailed my CV to the addresss I was told. )
@ @CC@ Have u ever applied to ICI before? Do they recruit finalists?
Yes, I have applied at ICI and even got selected at their Karachi office. The test at Lahore office 'may' be different. And yes, they do hire finalist. I was also selected when I was a finalist, so you surely have a chance. Good Luck!
Oh thanks so much for telling that! I was nearly thinking of not going as finalists are not being recruited by anyone in Lahore at least.

So you started working for ICI?
No, I didn't. Although the package they offer is among the very best at this stage, but the nature of the work you have to perform is not very interesting or something you can learn from. Also the Karachi office is located near the port which takes a lot of travel to get to.
Oh right. I am gona give it my best shot. No other firms are recruiting finalists and I really want to start my training now. But you are right about looking at the long term as there is not much learning involved in this job.
Well, you can always switch once you become an affiliate and get an opportunity which offers you much more exposure. I don't know the someone who told you to email the CV also told you what you would be doing as a financial trainee officer or not. At the Karachi office I was informed that my duties would be related to managing their Pension, Gratuity and Provident Funds accounts.
No one gave me any details so I really don't know what it is going to be about. And isnt it true that firms don't usually take students who finish off contracts from other places?
What do you mean by 'finish off contracts from other places'? I think you are reffering to the ICAP contract. Your experience at ICI won't be recognised by ICAP so you will have no problem in getting the ICAP contract from audit firms, because for them you will be just like a fresh passout.
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