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Full Version: Sales Tax Return April, 11
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We made some supplies of zero rated to textile sector. Should we show the zero rated supplies detail in annex "C" as well or just enter the whole amount in summary below the annex "C". Tell me the solution as soon as possible as 2day is 17th & v have to submit the return by tomorrow.
For zero rate u dont need to show the breakup enter the total amnt in summary bleow annex c
thnk u info,
Yesterday i called PRAL & fortunately they resolve the issue. V have to show the zero rated supplies in annex "C" too i did the same.
means u mention detail of zero rated supplier in annex c and summary or only in summary.
All the industry fall i zero rate sector follow the practise to simply enter the whole sale amnt in summary .
Annex-A and Annex C-

Purchase and Sale Summaries.

The supplier/ buyer wise summaries are required in respect of all taxable items other than zero-rated, in relation to transactions with registered persons. In case of sales, sales to unregistered persons, the totals may be mentioned in the last row. Previous exceptions provided under S.R.O. 559(I)/2006 or any other circular or letter are not valid for these summaries
g info
i mention the detail of zero rated supplies in both "annex & summary"
yeh pehle hota tha k zero rated ko add krte the to message ata tha "Sales Tax is not Valid" or hum zero rated ko summary main Local Zero Rated k block main show ker dete the.
But is dafa aisa nahi hua maine to annex "A" main bhi try ker k daikha to wo add ho gaya phir hum ne decide kia k ab zero rated ko bhi add ker dia kerain ge annex main
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