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Full Version: is any Benefit of ACCA recognition by HEC?
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Plz comments on t6his topic
is there any practical benefit of recognition of ACCA by
HEC equivalent to Mcom

iz ACCA salary range increase in industry by this news
iz ACCA capable to open his own accountancy firm etc etc

iz attitude of top audit firms converts towards acca
plz comments
Its going to cause no significant change.
CA firms may not hire much of the ACCAs now due to amendment in exemptions for ACCA by ICAP
No affect is expected to be seen in salary structure as well.

However ACCAs now being equivalent to masters can seek lecturer ship in universities and will be eligible for all jobs of Govt requiring 16 years of qualification.
then what about importance BSC hons & MBA oxfords brookes university degrees which specially designed for ACCAs to become
recognised graduates
Well in my opinion ACCA quaification holder wont benefit from this development because right now job market is down and once the job market improves...there are alot of ICAP Chartered accoutants sitting jobless they will fill this no chances of any gain to accas now and in future!!! atleast i dont see...
What it technically means is that ACCA members can now apply for a Government Job on ACCA basis alone.

Its up to you how you use it
i need some guidance regarding ACCA
i appeared in P1 P2 and P3 in june attempt..i want to opt for ACA aftr cmpleting my acca
i want to ask where should i apply for articles if i want to opt for ACA..and whats the criterea for ACA..i know sme basic information but need some details regarding this..
i started CAT aftr cmpleting my matriculation..i want to ask if i appear in A levels papers thn wld my ACCA qulification be equivalent to Mcom????do let me know if anyone knows aboout it.
Bushra drop an email to icap and visit
they will surely answer
furthermore yes for ACA u are suppose to do training in ICAP registered audit firms for 3 years.
No, you will not be given M.Com equivalance. To be given M.Com equivalance, you must have passed either Fsc or A level.
You can not get ICAP training on the basis of ACCA now, unless you are a graduate, in which case you can apply under the graduate trainee scheme.
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