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Full Version: why it is difficult ot get jobs in pakistan
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i have seen many well educated ppl not getting jobs. i am still unable to find the reason??????????
Owing to global recession as well as local law and order situation. Most of the existing companies are exercising down sizing whereas very less new industrial undertakings are being seen. In this scenario finding job is a big challenge particularly when university graduates are coming in the market in the number more than ever before.
what should then be done to break this unemployment level
The rising of unemployment cannot be ignored. However the level of education is also responsible for unemployment.
specially ratta system is damaging the students
What happens abroad

People finish college, join jobs, get experience and then come to professional qualifications at fairly advanced stages of their career.
What happens here, we do qualifications first. I've seen 18 yo ACCA qualified guys.

A firm does not require qualifications alone, experience is much more worth.

However, when i was in Deloitte most of the consultants and audit managers i was in contact were finding jobs and none were getting.

See, it's a cycle.

Pakistan's stability is coming in doubt.
Multinationals and other companies are pulling resources.
Pulling resources means cut offs.
Cut offs means lesser people employed.
Lesser people employed means lesser disposable incomes.
Lesser disposable incomes signify lesser spending and buying.
Lesser sales means businesses not forming and if business are laying of the cut offs continue.

Its a spiral downwards. Recession.

They said that London, the financial capital of the world would be the first to come out of the recession and the world would then follow.
London, as some analysts suggest is on it's 3rd dip of the recession.

Things are bad and may get worse.

The bets anyone can do is keep pushing forward

because people of Pakistan are consumption oriented, they consume what they earn and do not save to invest. and another thing is that we Pakistani always think that gov will do every thing for us. when a nation can,t clean their streets how they will get job.
The purpose of the tax is to keep the street cleans and safe and lighted. That's what tax is for too.
Obviously its due to our weak economy
No one.
It's just how the economy works. No ones responsible and no one can make it right.
It's just about TIME.

one reason may be
every one waits to get a job with handsome salary
and people usually dont compromise upon their so called standard
they wait and wait and wait even after 2 years of completion of their qualifications
and what happens then
jobs of that salary are offered to fresh qualified persons (Reference/Pawa etc is also a fact)
and those who havent accepted any job(with salary less then their expectations) offer earlier then remained unemployed
well i think that we all are responsible for this mess.We have selected some incompetent
persons and given them the right to decide about our future. so now they are doing that.

unemployment rate in Musharraf's time was 6 to 8%
and now it is 15% so how can we get the jobs
Yea, buddy, right now the problem is that fully qualified members of professional bodies can be found competing for simple accounts based posts. Running units closure causes skilled labour abundance. Competition is rising and getting employed is something thats really hard for finance professionals. As for I.T, things are still better. You can check job sites to confirm. Let me tell you that in 2002 through 2006, getting into big 4 was much easier and getting a job right after articles was a norm. Things have changed now. Thanks to our great pakistanis for kicking someone who allocated major part of budget to public sector development and industrial sector. Now be happy with democracy and our very great iftikhar chaudry who recently targeted some energy sector groups and brought them to halt. This is the reality.
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