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Different Types of Accounting? - sqjehd - 06-27-2011

I've just started studying accounting and so far it's going really well. I've always had an interest in business - especially the stock market and how to run a business.

It seems like there are a lot of different areas of accounting I could get into. Right now I am taking the plain vanilla accounting courses so I don't really need to concentrate myself anywhere but I know that soon I will need to be looking at getting an internship. I'd like any area of accounting but as I said above I have a certain business interests.

So I'd like to know a couple things

What different types of accounting might apply to me?
Are there jobs in those areas?
What should my strategy be for getting internships? My grades are pretty good but probably not too much relevant experience in accounting.

- sohail kashif - 06-30-2011


Mainly there are two types of accounting cost(management)accounting and financial accounting.

yeah there are reasonable jobs and growth if you have potential

Dear for getting experience you want to do intermship