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Admission Test Preparation in Pakistan - opokhan - 07-19-2011

<h2>Admission Test Preparation in Pakistan</h2>
<p>After about 2 decades of its advent, admission test is still an issue in Pakistan. Almost all people question whether the test is necessary for the selection of suitable candidate for admission or not. The first admission test ever conducted was in USA in 1900. All advanced educational systems base upon prospecting through some type of admission test. Not going into controversy of its significance,
every student of Pakistan in the persuite of admission in a reputed institution has to take some admission test or so called entrytest. In real sense, every student feel it a major hurdle in his career development. To survive in the system, every student must prepare the test. Many of test specialists recommend students must prepare every test. Going into a test without preparation is nothing more than to devalue your real potential and aptitude. </p>
<p>Persons have varied ideas about the preparation of tests. Some argue book preparation, some ask for classroom courses, and some claim the effectiveness of online preparation.</p>
<h3>Preparation Through Books</h3>
<p>Though the books are conventional method of test preparation but they are still a simple and effective method. If a person has tendency to comprehend the ideas through text, he can learn through books and obviously can prepare test by this way. All is true but upto the foreign test like GMAT and GRE, as the targeted books are available for such tests. As for as Pakistani tests are concerned, no to the point or relevant book is available for a test. The available books are full of errors and irrelevant stuff. One book focus many of tests so the book is an enigma for the reader. He has to search the relevant stuff for his desired test. The authors of the books are unknown and non-professional in test preparation. Their prime objective is to increase the weight of the book by any kind of stuff. Once I got a chance to see a book which contains only seven pages and four practice questions for forty-question section of the test and 167 pages for only two questions of a section. Imagine, how effective preparation is possible through such heavy weight books? Obviously, such books can spoil the career of the test taker.</p>
<h3>Preparation Through Classroom Courses</h3>
Based on centuries, classroom courses are believed to be the effective method of any kind of learning. Many institution for test preparation has evolved that guide students effectively. However, specialization in test preparation is a question. Not every person having master degree is a good instructor for test prep class. No formal degree is available for teaching standardized tests. A prospect test taker must avoid opportunist academies and mushroom institutions that culminate only during admission period, usually April to August in Pakistan. Some institutions are dedicated to conduct only test prep classes, offer valuable methodology, and generate substantial results.
Some of such institutions include <br />
1 - Hussain Ways in Karachi (<a href="http//" target="_blank">Website</a>)<br />
2 - Students Inn in Karachi (<a href="http//" target="_blank">Website</a>)<br />
3 - College of Admission Tests in Multan (<a href="http//" target="_blank">Website</a>)<br />
4 - KIPS in Lahore (<a href="http//" target="_blank">Website</a>)<br />
5 - Rana Academy in Lahore (No Website)<br />
6 - Zaviya Academy in Rawalpindi (No Website)<br />
<h3>Online Test Preparation</h3>
The technology oriented effective method of test preparation is Online Test Preparation. This methodology meets the challenges of the present dynamic era. In almost all advanced countries, it has surpassed conventional methods of test preparation like preparation through books and classroom courses. Specialized institutions offer online courses developed by professionals. Use of multimedia makes this method an effective method for test preparation. In countries like USA, UK, Canada, and India, many institutions like KAPLAN, Veritas, Manhattan, and Test Guru offer online test prep courses. Thousands of students prepare their test through websites of these institutions. Unfortunately, these websites offer preparation courses for only standardized test like GMAT and GRE. None of these offer any Pakistani Test.
<b>In Pakistan</b> only one institution offers online courses for Pakistani tests. This institution is College of Admission Tests (Multan) which has been in this field since 1990. The website for test prep courses is <a href="http//" target="_blank">website</a>
<p><b>By Opo Khan</b></p>