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MOTHER's LAND OR? (MY LAST POST) - shahnaz - 07-26-2011

Mother’s land or?
Today Tuesday the 25th July this senior citizen since morning is in shock and hardly till this evening felt any real desire of eating something except for his diabetic medicines. I feel having today lost everything earned during this long life; rather having today been snatched from me.
2. I worked for 18 years in Pakistan. My resignation for a better life abroad was not accepted. Instead my service was terminated and due to Zia-ul-Haq’s one Ordinance I could not even appeal for forfeiture of my funds. Twenty Five plus years I am working abroad. I am a true and honest Pakistani viz till today I have not taken anything concealed underneath my baggage, never used Hundi. I work in such a Department and on a seat where I helped many Pakistanis in getting nationality of the country I work but I myself never applied. My wife and daughter with “thirsty” eyes looked to those around us getting foreign Passports. Had I obtained nationality I would had been entitled for a pension equal to Pak Rs. 150,000 a month even draw able living in Pakistan but I wished to remain a Pakistani where my Grands who brought me up are resting, where my mother is buried and so on. I always taught my daughter that Pakistan is “our Pakistan”, Pakistan is “our motherland” etc. During last year visit to Pakistan on a gunpoint my this young daughter was looted in Karachi resulting since then she is getting treatment from a psychiatrist. Even this did not distract me from that I am a Pakistani and Pakistan is my motherland where one day I am to return for old age living and get buried lastly.
3. I have read and even seen in my life that sometime one single word or a moment changes the whole mindset of a person. Three four months back there was a TV talk show hosted by Kamran Shahid. Prominent figures including audience were sitting and the topic was about Pakistan. The debate was opened when first Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan stated that it is “Quaid-e-Azam Ka Pakistan”. A senior citizen called intellectual Dr. Mubark Ali promptly cried that “it is not of Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan is of no body, it does not belong to anyone”. Over this the senior columnist Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami gave a very befitting response applauded by the audiences.
4. The so called intellectuals or so called moderates always criticize that our mostly illiterate Mullas were still restricted to the issues if shalwar should be below knee or above knee. Seeing Dr. Mubarak Ali I could not stop wondering why West had reached to the level where it is today while our intellectuals still are harping on issues if Pakistan is our’s or not.
5. That moment of Dr. Mubark’s statement changed my whole mind. Today this 09.00 am I have surrendered my green Passport along with Application Form for my foreign Passport because now I have no face to say to my daughter “Pakistan is your’s” or “Pakistan is our’s”. I have betrayed the souls of my Grands, my dear mother, I have betrayed my primary school which enabled me to work abroad with such perfection that foreign government recognizing my capability has granted me nationality. I have read one’s place of birth and country is “mother land”. I have actually seen people kissing the earth when disembarking from plane when disembarkation used to be through stairs.
6. Today this moment I am confused if I have betrayed the “mother land”? But is or was Pakistan “my mother” land because according to the interpretation of Dr. Mubark the land of Pakistan is not mine, your’s or his mother’s land.

PS The above is written by my husband while I present and sign this during my short visit to Karachi; my last one on green Passports to be surrendered in a few days when I join my husband.

This is my last post on this Forum. This once for serious readers has today become a spammer heaven for commercial advertisements), hence my last post.

- Kasim - 07-27-2011

Dear Mam
Once a Pakistani always a Pakistani.Mother land remains mother land forever.Itna disheart honay ki koi baat nahi
let these t.v anchors,intellectuals or so called moderates express themselves we dont need them to be inspired of.People come on Tv Shows to express their thoes thoughts only which can give them some benifits which may be finnancial or elsewhat (And now a days Anti Islam and Anti Pakistani thinking and public speaking is in fashion and is also well paid). Such people dont come to share/prove some thing that is realy needed by commen man of pakistan. They work for forgien agenda only.

And Reality of such T.v Shows can be judged by such examples
There was once a on air arguements b/w Raja Perwaiz Ashraf (Minister of Power and Supply ) and Faisal Salah Hayat(opposition leader) regarding kick backs (Commission cuts) in Electricity projects. Both competed each other with offer to present resignation in case of failure to prove his claim. All the public was waiting for the final episode just to see who wins and who goes to home.
In the end none was able to prove his claim and none of them resigned to admit his failure. Whereas both should have resigned then or atleast T.V Anchor should have resigned as he was also part of the game which cause wastage of general public time.

Muhammad Ali Durrani (Former Minister of Information) was used to debate alot against a Mualna Shb in talk shows and both were used to blame each other for curroption etc face to face as if they were sort of enimies of each other and in reality both were jointly running a businuess setup then.

Veena Malik refused to have done any objectable actions in indian program called Big Boss. She even didnt admit lip locking with another participant of the indian show. Whereas T.V show, in which she was to justify herself,itself show some clips of her lip locking scenes and worst thing was Anchor person and even Muolana Shb, trying to preech her, didnt pointed it out. Means every thing is pre-planned on t.v shows what i will say, how u will react, what u r not to say in every case etc

There is a famous saying now a days
Once people were used to get entertained by Stage Drama's and now a days Talk shows are providing them entertainment.

So take it easy

Kissi k keh daynay say hamara Pakistan say rishta badal nahi sakta
baqi jahan tak foreign nationality ka sawal hay tu i think so its ur own choice to adopt or not and evenif u do so to have a better future of ur own's or ur children's even then u remain Pakistani first.Surroundering green passport doesnt means we have cut our roots. As long as u care for ur country, help its people, try to play ur role to improve it, u remain patriotic to it.

About Spamming on this site, yes it seems to be serious issue but if relevant person not taking proper action against it then too its ok we dont mind. We are to play our role regardless others act their roles properly or not.

This forum always attracts cause of balance between serious and fun related material.
So keep on sharing ur serious and food for thinking posts as here are still people who like to read such stuff.its a humble request and hopeso u will not ignore it.

And if u have decided to leave the forum in anyway and find anyother good forum tu mijhay bhi bata dijeah ga (i have tried alot to search any other forum but kissi ka format pasend nahi atta tu kissi k topix/participants etc.) lolz
hope to see ur posts soon

- Moamar Qazafi - 07-29-2011

strongly agree with kasim bahi