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Brain Teaser - Moamar Qazafi - 07-29-2011

See if you can figure out the answers to the following questions, and don’t forget to submit your answers. Last date for submission of answers is the 1st of August, 2011. All winners will be mentioned in the following edi-tion.

Q 1) Here are the backs of three cards from an ordinary deck of cards. You have to identify each card as a queen or king and as a heart or spade based on the following four pieces of information.
Card A
card B
Card C

There's at least one queen to the right of a king.
There's at least one queen to the left of a queen.
There's at least one heart to the left of a spade.
There's at least one heart to the right of a heart.

Q 2) Amy, Bob, Carrie, and Dan are standing in line to buy ice cream. See if you can figure out their order from the following clues
Carrie is between Amy and Bob.
Dan is next to Amy.
Bob is not first. [^]

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-04-2011

asan sawqal tha kisi ny jawab nae dia

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-04-2011

Answer 1) A = King of hearts , B = Queen of hearts, C = Queen of spades

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-04-2011

Answer 2) Dan is first, Amy is second, Carrie is third and Bob is fourth

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-05-2011

Question 1) Fran, Larry, Bob, and Nancy went to the dog shelter. They saw four puppies. Frisky and Pal were black with pointy ears. Snoopy and Wiggles were white with floppy ears. Frisky and Snoopy were sleeping. Pal and Wiggles were playing.
Fran didn't want a black puppy. Larry didn't want a puppy with floppy ears. Bob didn't pick a puppy that was sleeping. Nancy took the puppy that Bob and Fran didn't want.

Who took which puppy?

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-05-2011

Question 2) Answer the following question with a simple "yes" or "no" If the day before the day after the day before today was hotter than the day after the day before today, was the day before today hotter than today?

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-05-2011

Question 3) Two students are sitting on opposite sides of the same desk. There is nothing in between them but the desk. Why can't they see each other?

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-10-2011

bohat mahrbani bahi

- Moamar Qazafi - 08-12-2011

Question 1) Five athletes were returning from a cross-country race. Athlete C placed third, and athlete E placed second. From the following information, can you tell how athletes A, B, and D placed in the race?„hAthlete A was not last. „hAthlete A came in after E. „hAthlete D was not first.