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Need Your Kind Advice to Become a CA. - asfand123 - 08-03-2011

My name is Asfandyar Khan Afridi From Hyderabad,Sindh..
I need little advice from you that I am keenly interested to become a Chartered Accountant and to become a member of Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.
But I am Pre-Engineering student so is it good to directly go to CA course because I don't have Commerce background or should I go for some short course?
or in CA they taught me from Scratch or directly from advanced level?
If you Adviced me to do short course then also consider the name of Short course...
I am very grateful to yo If You Reply...
Hope you reply Soon..
Take Care..
Allah Hafiz.

- A.A - 08-03-2011

Woa.I think you should start CA directly.Since you are a Pre-Engineering student,you already have a basic grounding in Math which will see you through Quantitative Methods paper of Module A which you will find easier as compared to the Pre=Med students.Majority of the students start CA after FSc(according to a report of ICAP).And Accounting begins from the journal i.e the basics so you will have to start from scratch in CA no matter how many short courses you do.Prior knowledge is not a pre-requisite.Good luck!

- DarkLord - 08-03-2011

Na you don't need any kind of course at all. The subjects you have no prior knowledge of will be taught to you from the very beginning.

- asfand123 - 08-03-2011

Thanks To All For your Kind Advice... I Recently consult with LUMS,CBM,UMT and FAST business schools qualified chartered accountants faculty. They also advised me to go directly for CA and give same reasoning as you give...

- usmankhalid - 08-12-2011

Dude, don't waste your life trying to do something that only appears gold but is not. Go for something global. go for something that's respect worldwide. I hope you understand what I'm saying. You'd find more integrity in examination system and members of global accounting professional orgs than ICAP.