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Should i change my Feild to ACCA - Ehsan_Khalil - 08-06-2011

i am Ehsan and i have recently done my BCS(Bachelors in Computer Science) 4 year bachelors from UET peshawar .now the problem with me is that i hate computer science field most of the time i felt like an unfit in all those years,in my class and every where i got Good Gpa but still i don't know any thing about geeky stuff and i see only good jobs after MS in Pk are teaching if ur lucky u can get it
i have no interest left in Computer science at all now all the time Accounts and audit and finance subjects fascinate me,a friend suggested me to do ACCA and i have devloped a lot of interst in accounting now should i go for it or not as i herd roomers that acca has no scope etc etc as thats a common trend in Pakistan to disheart others
So im here for ur suggestions P.s plz dont say MS in CS

- Ehsan_Khalil - 08-10-2011

AnY ONE???

- usmankhalid - 08-12-2011

Of course, one must follow his interests and whatever the heart says. Go for ACCA. Its global. A million times better than our pakistani ICAP.