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Golf Fairway Woods - siberia1010 - 08-16-2011

It is well known that golf is a kind of famous sport around the world. Today, we will talk about the golf fairway woods. cheapest golf clubs
Here is some useful information for you to consider.
Fairways are designed to be used when the ball is in play after the tee shot on the fairway but many recreational golfers prefer to use the more lofted 3 or 4 wood off the tee for better control, Callaway X24 Irons
as fairways usually have smaller heads than compared to drivers it can easier to control your swing.
Fairway Woods usually have smaller heads than compared to drivers and this aspect makes them easier to control swing than drivers. The greater lofts and smaller heads of Fairway Woods help get the ball high into the air and are more convenient to handle than long drivers and are mostly used by amateur golfers and beginners.
Fairway woods have long, R11 Driver for Sale
flexible shafts which create greater swing speed and greater distance than compared to irons, so if your game is lacking distance on the fairway, then it may be worth investing in a fairway wood.
Fairway woods are an excellent solution to the alternative to drivers off the tee and for long hard hitting irons like the 2-, 3-, or 4- irons. There are three factors which make the fairway woods the preferred club.
Many golfers feel more comfortable while standing over a long fairway with a longer and lower profile wood rather than a long iron that is harder to hit.
It is easier to get the ball in the air out of the fairway if you have a lower center of gravity. R9 Driver for Sale
This is also true if you are in the rough or in the sand.
You can take advantage of more distance without having to over swing when you have a larger club instead of a long iron. You can also have more control with the length.
When deciding what fairway to purchase there are some basic categories that you will have to determine are the club head size, the size of the shaft, the loft, weight and length. Cheap Golf Equipment
You will then be able to find the perfect fairway wood for your price range. The club head has three club head sizes standard (150-155 cubic centimetres), midsize (195 cubic centimetres) and oversized (195 -250 cubic centimetres).
Finally, thanks for your reading. We hope the information above can give you some help for the understanding of golf.