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How To Hit Your Golf Driver - siberia1010 - 08-18-2011

Nowadays, more and more people like to play golf in many countries, and how to hit your driver is quite important for players. So this article will introduce some skills for you.

Your initial golf shot is your most important golf shot in my estimation. It's sort of like first down in football. cheapest golf clubs
If you're second down and twenty every time you get the ball you're going to have a long afternoon. I'm used to it, being a Dolphin fan.

If you're having trouble during a round of golf with hitting your golf driver in the fairway then drop down to your three wood immediately. Taylormade R11 Irons cheap
Maybe after some success with your three wood you will gain your confidence back to try your driver again. The little bit of distance you¡¯ll loose by hitting your three wood will be more than compensated by being on the short grass in the fairway. Work out any problems with your driver in practice not on the golf course.

The first thing you need to understand about a Driver is that the length is probably doing you the most harm. A golf swing is very similar to a group of skaters turning in a circle or a group of soldiers marching in a circle. Taylormade burner superfast 2.0 driver cheap
The outside skater or individuals will have to move that much faster than the rest of the line to keep up. Sure the longer the driver the faster the club head will travel in theory, but eqaully the harder it will be to square the club face at impact thus causing that dreaded slice off the fairway.

To square the golf club up at impact, (impact is actually about three degrees closed with a driver) you need to start rolling your forearms over earlier. Why, because the golf club head is further away from you. callaway razr hawk driver cheap
If you¡¯re having trouble squaring up the club face first try choking up a little on the golf club. My opinion is golf club manufacturers make the modern drivers too long anyway. Most are about 45 to 46 inches. I prefer 44 inches. Tiger Woods only hits a 43 #189; inch driver.

I also prefer the smaller club heads. Everyone is raving about the hybrid woods that are replacing three irons. Golfers rave about how easy the hybrids are to hit. The heads are SMALL and have a low center of gravity. Taylormade R11 Rescue Hybrid cheap
In contrast the new Drivers have a head the size of a basketball and golfers wonder why they can¡¯t square it up. I recommend the 395cc head as the largest acceptable size, not the 460cc style which is actually more difficult to square up at impact.

Some golfers try to keep their head still or over the top of the golf ball. To make a full turn on a swing with your driver your head might move a little towards your back foot. That¡¯s fine if not desired. You need to be well behind the golf ball at impact. One should have a straight line from the front shoulder to the ball at impact.
Finally, I wish the advice above can give you some help when you play golf.