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How You Use Your Arms in the Golf Swing - siberia1010 - 08-20-2011

It is well known that golf is a kind of famous sport around the world. Now, let me share some other knowledge about golf with you.
One thing I'm really seeing on tour, and am personally working on is learning how to use the arms in the golf swing. golf clubs for sale
It seems the modern swing is a very connected, arms and torso together type of golf swing. TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons
I have found this makes it much easier to be consistent, and be able to go at it as hard as you want, and not hit it "off the planet" like an arms-only swing would.

When you think of golf swing connection, it is more of the lead, or left arm for a right-handed golf. But the right arm definitely comes in towards the body (hip) in the downswing. TaylorMade R9 TP Irons
I know for me, my left arm lefts my upper chest right away in the takeaway, and it needs to feel snug throughout most of the golf swing. The only spot it won't would be at the very top of your backswing, depending on if you have a higher arm plane, or flatter like Hogan had.

If you can think of swinging your arms is if the are a unit with your body, not independent, you'll be surprised how much power and consistency you have. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's not. Taylormade R9 SuperMax Irons
Try throwing a punch with just your arm, then put your body into it. Which one is more powerful?

For some golfers, it can also be a feel of your shoulders controlling the swing, not your hands and arms. Your legs are your contact to the ground, providing a stable base, and your shoulders drive your swing. That doesn't mean over the top coming down, but it means your hands, arms and shoulders move with your torso (core) throughout your golf swing, not independently.

Putting a club head cover under both armpits and hitting partial shots will give you a really Taylormade Burner SuperFast Driver
good feel for this type of golf swing. Once you learn how to use your arms in your golf swing, you will have loads of power, and be more consistent.
Finally, thanks for your reading. I hope the information above can give you some help for the understanding of golf.