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Kim Kardashian¡¯s gossip news - ramirezwharw - 09-14-2011

Kim Kardashian is always the focus of people. Women do want to follow her fashion style. As reported, she returns to her hotel with Victoria's Secret shopping bags.
In fact, the star returned to New York hotel this evening after a trip to Connecticut, looking at the end.
It apparently got in some shopping, while on the journeyKim assistants unloaded several wholesale for handbags in his car, including one of Victoria's Secret lingerie store.It seems that the boyfriend was the provision of 30 years in luxury clothing.
Kim was dressed too low, the use of floors and almost no makeup after your trip.She wore a fuzzy blanket and pillow leopard print driver - or maybe short flight - out of town.She was returned to her usual glamorous self to attend an album release party with her husband on Saturday night.
Kim and Kris sat together at the event to celebrate Duane McLaughlin to move into registration.
Another picture shows that Kim Kardashian carry her baby in her handbag.
We know that celebrities love to walk with the dogs in their purse, but this is the first star that we saw a baby in their bag.

So what was the nephew of Kim Kardashian Mason did in her purse? Kim said PIC adorable,
that was taken on their last vacation. "Mason was played at my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my bag, so I took her over to show Kourt. How fun!