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list of clients of AFF, KPMG, EY, &OTHERS - examss - 09-17-2011


- ashu - 09-19-2011

Many newcomers need this information.. so kindly any senior please put some names here...

- A.A - 09-22-2011

In telecom sector,AFF has Ufone and Warid,Mobilink recently shifted from KPMG to E&Y,E&Y also has Telenor,not sure about Zong.PTCL is jointly audited by AFF and E&Y.AFF has allUN-related audits,KPMG has major portion of the hotel industry,Deloitte is famous for having government-related audits.
Disclaimer Apart from a couple of these names,cannot personally vouch for the veracity of this information but well-informed fellow students gave this information.Best of luck-I don't believe you will be expected to know the names of specific clients,mentioning the general industry would hopefully do just as well.

- aukhan - 09-22-2011

For KHI KPMG has a big share in the Banks, AFF in MNC, Delloite Textile and GOvt Clients and EnY a mix + a lot of secondments

- saad0090 - 09-22-2011

EY has Siemens, PPL, Lucky cement, PARCO, HBL, UBL, Bank al habib, Kasb group, State bank, Balochistan wheels, EFU insurnce, Sanofi aventis and many others. These are few clients i can think of rire now!

- siyyabkh - 09-23-2011

wow, that a very great contribution, we have now an idea of clients of big four.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 09-23-2011

AFF islamabad has
1. Ptcl
2. Telecom Foundation
3. Warid
4. Ufone
5. POL
6. ARL
8. Save the children
9. Etisalat
10. POL
11. Weatherford
12. Actionaid

- BILAL.SARDAR - 09-27-2011

As a matter of fact the clients don't matter alot, what matters is the quality and policies of the firm u r attached to and quality of supervision and work load.

So b4 making any decision about the firm be sure that u hv been thru pros and the cons of the firm.

- successfinder - 09-29-2011

which firm is better? kpmg or delloite? with respect to secondments and clients

- BILAL.SARDAR - 10-02-2011

it depends on office to office eg in isl KPMG is much much better than deloitte

- akr124 - 10-10-2011

overall not many can argue that deloitte is behind aff,kpmg,ey but i have heard lot of praises about deloitte's aas section. that almost 90% of the clients in deloitte khi are with this section,more than 10-12 clients,easily among there with the big sections of aff,kpmg. and its unfair to say that there are only govt clients there,
procter & gamble, gillette, groupm, abbbott, hubco are a few names that my friends have told me

- umer90 - 11-30-2011

does any 1 know abt the clients of Avais hyder liaqat nauman