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Management trainee officers - umair17389 - 09-20-2011

Are ACCA's eligible for management trainee officer's post in any bank?

- arsenal.gooner - 09-20-2011

these are cashier and front-officer positions.. why an ACCA would wanna go for that!!

- umair17389 - 09-21-2011

These banks hire MTOs as cash officers?? But i heard that audit MTOs are also being hired by some banks...

- arsenal.gooner - 09-21-2011

never heard of audit MTOs

- umair17389 - 09-25-2011

Dude i have passed 10 papers of acca and appearing for the remaining four in december, i applied in a pharmaceuitical company and was interviewed yesterday. All i wanna know is that should i start my job in the company if i get selected or should i wait till i qualify a fix ryt now...