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To the Forum Admn. - TheOne - 06-02-2003

Dear Forum Admn.
I've noted that the Time of post appearing with the posts is not consistent in different forums. Time of my first post in one forum appeared as 2.00 am and for second post in other forum it appeared as 1.30 am, whereas I'd posted both posts within period of a few minutes? May be it's due to location of concerned Servers in different Time Zones? Or may be there's something is wrong with my system.
One thing however is clear that the actual time of posts shown is not PST whereas in my opinion it should be PST.

Edited by - TheOne on Jun 02 2003 022208 AM

- admin - 06-02-2003

<font color=blue><b>Dear TheOne

Although our servers are located in USA, this forum is configured to display PST. As far as your query regarding display of incorrect times, we will investigate this and if any problem is detected, it will be rectified.

Thank you</b></font id=blue>

- Munda Pakistani - 06-10-2003

asalaam o alaikum to all!

THE ONE, tum kya cheez ho, tum ne her ghunte main aik chawal maarnee hotee hai, tum na koi kaam ki baat kerte ho! aur na koi seedha jawab dete ho!
ooper se tum mame bane hue ho! her topic per apni Chawal se nawaazte ho!

I think u r a psychy case (a person having some Mental disorder). ho sakta hai iss main tumhara qasoor na ho! bachpun main tumhare saath kuch aisa hua ho jis ki waja se tum iss site per uss cheez ka badla le rahe ho.
I have studied almost all topics magar tum wakhree shae' he ho

Could u plz. live without u!!!!!!!!

Ae Munda Pakistani Ae