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Is CIMA UK worthwhile? - nedcisa114 - 09-29-2011

Dear Members,
After completing my MBA in Finance from a well reputed University in Karachi, I am planning to pursue for CIMA UK certification. I've been exploring the prospects and stuff like salary survey etc, but most of the members hold ACCA or ACA qualifications along with CIMA.
What I need to know is the combination of CIMA with MBA Finance. Alternatively, most of my class mates are pursuing CFA, but I dont want to pursue a career in banking domain.
Your valuable advice would be high appreciated.


- wicky - 09-29-2011

u better opt 4 the ICMAP qualification since its local version of cima and its worth would be more than the cima uk in Pakistan perspective.

hopefully it helps.


- arsenal.gooner - 09-29-2011

mba with cima is a very good combination.. go for it.. it will definitely improve your market worth..

the thing is that CIMA on its own cannot compete with other qualifications mostly CA. But since you have already done MBA, not only will you be awarded a lot of exemptions, CIMA will add alot to your CV. My advice.. go for it


- nedcisa114 - 09-30-2011

thanks wick and arsenal.gooner for your response.
What I need to know is what position would I be elligble for without any prior experience of management accounting? what salary range to look for while working in PK or UAE?
Are there any good teachers/institutes for CIMA in Khi ? Fees and details would be a great help.

Thanks once again.