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When will we be Sent on our 1st Client? - javedomer - 10-06-2011

Im at AFF and I want to know that when we would be sent on client after our Go Audit 1. I mean in how many days? Please reply.....

- BILAL.SARDAR - 10-07-2011

it depends on the need of the juniors on the clients.
some might go on very next day or other might wait for a week or so.

- A.A - 10-07-2011

And yet others might stay in the firm till the cash count/stocktake at year-end.)

- YNWA - 10-11-2011

Depends on you i think ,be active and involved if u want clients though sooner or later u will get it

- usmankhalid - 10-11-2011

Well, be diplomatic. Remind the manager politely but only once. don't talk to others about your eagerness and be positive. Also depends on the firm. In medium sized firms like Anjum Asim, Avais Hyder, energetic and intelligent ones usually spend an year stuck in the firm/jail due to high politics. If manager is revengeful, he might keep you indoors for longer periods. That's an indication that you are in trouble )
Just work hard and things would be fine. Happened to all of us D

- BILAL.SARDAR - 10-12-2011

Just beware of the politics in house. That can let u down very badly.

- javedomer - 10-15-2011

thak you all

- umer90 - 11-30-2011

oh man is there a lot of politics in firms