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I need Career Guidance...Plz Reply.. - searchingmyself - 10-14-2011

I need help deciding my subjects and my university as well. Let me start by telling that I have been a student of Commerce. I completed my B.Com recently, but I always had something for computers. So, I was confused deciding that should I go for MBA or for MCS? I finally figured out that Computer is something that I love and I think that’s what I belong to. It is something that I love being with (Not talking about social networking or gaming only, but trouble shooting, etc).
So, the thing is that I have only limited options. Only few universities are offering MCS degree for people having a 2 year non-relevant degree, PAF- KIET and SZABIST. I couldn’t find much information about the eligibility criteria for SZABIST, but I believe its 60% and I do not have that much of percentage#61516;. So, can you tell me if PAF-KIET is a good university for MCS? I mean, of course my passion is computer, but I want to earn some money as well. That’s why I wanted to ask that doing MCS would be worth doing from PAF-KIET or not? How’s the institute? Is the faculty good?
My second concern is the subjects that I would choose in my degree. I have studied a little about networking and it did not really grab my interest. I am more of a person who likes to understand software and troubleshoot the problems that it may give. I am good at thinking out of the box when I have to find a solution and eventually get success in fixing them. I haven’t done anything major yet, but I am telling all this just to give an idea so that a professional may analyze my potential and suggest me a better subject.
Many people suggested me software engineering or development as well. I don’t know though that what it is all about. I have never studied coding or anything.
Sorry for a long post, but it is really the toughest decision of my life. I hope someone will help me out.

- hasan9900 - 10-15-2011

dude do what you love...if you go for a career only because it'll earn u more money, you'll fail. The field of computers is very vast and you can earn a ton of money. btw mba wont help you earn money..i've seen SOOOOOOOOOOO many working for 10k and many even unemployed. my uncle did his mba from the US 5 years back(stanford uni) and earns $200,000 per YEAR now in US. so if you want to be in pakistan dont do mba from HERE...btw computer science field is rapidly growing here aswell.