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Actuarial Exams (or) CIMA - RanaHassanShahid - 10-17-2011

Hello Everyone...
I need some guidence related to my career...
First a bit about my educational background.
Done B.Com and after that passed m.Sc in actuarial aciences.
I love both the fields i.e., actuarial and accounting.
Here came the confusion

I have 5 exemption in CIMA i.e., certificate level is exempted. Whereas due to my m.Sc in actuarial sciences i have strong grip on actuarial subjcets like FM, Contingencies, Statistical Methods etc.
But the thing is CIMA required around 2.5 years minimum to achieve ACMA title... and to achieve ASA it required around minimum 5 years...

Cima i have to give 10 papers (including T4 paper)
Actuary i have to give 14 papers till fellowship.

Time is what mattered to me... and I am not able to decide what to persue... (
Please guide me on that...