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Need Data for M.A Economics - Naveed ICMA - 06-03-2003

Asalam O Alikom people and mainly pupils.
I am a student of INSTITUTE OF COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANYS OF PAKISTAN and I'll also be giving papers of M.A Economics ( Private )INSHALLAH in the year 2004. Now I need to know where should I study from. I do have notes and data but if anyone experienced out there can help me out I'll be grateful.
Allah Hafiz.

- Paki - 06-06-2003

walaikum asalam
I'm not experienced (not done M.A. Eco.) but I've heard some guys argue, and one was saying 'yar aik maheenay may parahee ho gee ya nahee??' (after taking the professional exams in june) and the other reply 'abay, aik maheena, kia position lanee hay???' <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
and if u've done B.Com, I dont think it should be a problem, to know where to get the books from,,, I mean its a pattern following exam, make sure u know the 'favorite' questions,
atleast learn the 'headings' under each topic, so u could have something to elaborate upon in the exam, I mean the same 'board walee techniques'
and dont panic and good luck, (I remember someone even got a gold medal in M.A. Eco private)
I think its equally important to know the techniques (at times more important) when sitting board exams.

Me rulz