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Actuarial Exams (or) CIMA - RanaHassanShahid - 10-18-2011

Hello Everyone...
I need some guidence related to my career...
First a bit about my educational background.
Done B.Com and after that passed m.Sc in actuarial aciences.
I love both the fields i.e., actuarial and accounting but analysis is what im best at.
Here came the confusion

I have 5 exemption in CIMA i.e., certificate level is exempted. Whereas due to my m.Sc in actuarial sciences i have strong grip on actuarial subjcets like FM, Contingencies, Statistical Methods + I love math.
But the thing is CIMA required around 2.5 years minimum to achieve ACMA title... and to achieve ASA it required around minimum 5 years...

Cima i have to give 10 papers (including T4 paper)
Actuary i have to give 14 papers till fellowship.

Time is what mattered to me... and I am not able to decide what to persue... (
Please guide me on that...


- derivativetrader - 10-22-2011


Appreciate that the actuarial qualification will take longer to complete but wouldn't you be working all this period? My suggestion would be to find a job in the accounting and/or actuarial field and then go from there.