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EY vs KPMG ISLAMABAD......? - crazzyaccountant - 10-26-2011

Which is better in Islamabad .....?
With reasons for ICAP contract...?

- A.A - 10-28-2011

KPMG Islamabad is known for registering students late such that if you were to start your training with them from December 2011,your exam attempt would be December 2013 instead of June 2013.Am not sure about E & Y but if they don't waste 6 months like KPMG,this reason alone should make E & Y better than KPMG.

- A.A - 10-28-2011

Am not sure if KPMG practices it every time but this has happened to people I know from the last 2 batches.

- tahmans - 10-28-2011

i guesss wasting 6 months would be done because of issues such as filling the gap in seniors who passed out etc..something like that...wouldnt be done every time i feel...

and most of all, you wont know about it till the time you finish your probation..after that you cant quit the firm...and if you do, you wont be taken by another big ones as their recruitment wont be its better not to think about the registration thing and choosing firm..its luck!

- BILAL.SARDAR - 10-29-2011

I guess E&Y is better than KPMG in many ways.

Kpmg is well-known for wasting 3 months of the inductees in the name of probation period which result in 6 month delay in attempt. In kpmg trainee are over burdened which results in non-availability to study properly. and many other drawbacks as well. However they have a good clients. Mostly listed co r wth kpmg and hotels as well.

Kpmg has its own pros and cons but the wastage of 3 months is the worst of all and having no reasons behind it.

Btw best of luck for the Induction process and future !!!