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ACMA after C.A Inter - dustgir - 11-01-2011

Dear All,

As ICMAP is offering exemptions on part qualified certifications also, is it worthy for C.A inter or C.A finalists (who stuck in final) to go for ICMAP certification?

Moreover what market share and place ICMAP qualified enjoy in practice as well as in Jobs?

Please do give your valuable advise, comments and suggestions on this topic.


- aminahsan2002 - 11-26-2011

This is worldly known fact that ICAP has monopoly due to sign the audit report. Moreover CA inter plus articles are taking more salaries than ICMAP qulified persons. If you need example than visit Siza International,where there are lots of ICMAP qualified and part qualified taking nominal salaries. I know a lot of ICMAP qualified persons who are taking less than 50,000 with an experiece of 3 to 4 years, e.g one of my friend is in Evacuee Trust Property board taking 30,000 another perosn I know is in Honda Atlas taking less than 50,000, another person in Kashf Foundation working in HR having salray less than 40,000 and another person in Wincom (Private) Limited taking 60,000 having more than 6 years experience. I have surely seen but seen very rare persons who have qualified ACMA and taking huge salaries and benefits.

But most of CA inter plus articles I have seen taking salaries in the range of 70,000. and qualified starting from 90,000 to unlimited.

In my opinion be an ACMA is a most foolish step of life, due to the same hard work as in CA but getting very less reward.

I hope you understand