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Need help: ACCA or Engg after Fsc - sveet - 11-03-2011

Aoa, guys i m new to this site and its my 1st post. I had done my fsc engg recently but unfortunately i wasnt able to get admission in engg. Now a frnd of mine said me to join acca....
should i go for acca or should i repeat my engg tests.....
one more thing tht my frnd wants to knw is tht is doing ca after acca worth it?
i seriously need ur helps..
w8ing for ur worthy comments.

- FARHAN123 - 11-03-2011

Hi ,
Just ask yourself what you want to be in future and in which field you have interest . Don't follow suggestions of people blindly . I will advice you to stick with engineering profession if u have base in engineering background.

Regards ,

- sveet - 11-04-2011

thanx farhan bro 4 ur kind reply,
yah i hav all my backgrounds in engg. Bro i want to knw 1 more thing tht is doing CA or ICAEW after ACCA worth it???? a frnd of mine wants to knw he has done with 2nd position in borad this year!