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ACCA 1.3 Paper - mrsherazi - 08-26-2004

My name is Mohsin Raza Sherazi.

I have failed in Paper 1.3 Twice. Now i want to pass this paper. Can any plz help me? How should i study? What are the major faults? What material should i refer? or anything that helps me in passing my paper.

I will be greatful for you resposese

Mohsin Raza Sherazi

- label - 09-10-2004

You need to havea good knowledge of the theories and processes of Managing People. You should be able to discuss, list advantages and disadvantages of the theories you have learnt. You should be able to list the procedures for different aspects of Managing People - recruitment/ grievance etc.

Have you learnt all this?

How are you revising? What grades have you got for your previous attempts and mocks?

Do yu practise exam standard questions as part of your revision?

Are you reading the articles by Graham Ball - the examiner for 1.3 prior to the exam sitting.

I would recommend BPP as they are comprehensive guides that you can work through. If you have already learnt the subject then foucs on exam practise with a revision kit.

TRY TO ANSWER Q'S IN allotted time and trying to obtain all available marks i.e Explain Druckers Theory? 20 marks

You will get 5 marks per different stage - therfore explain each stage enough to score 5 marks.

Hope that helps

See Ya