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Increased in Stipend by ICAP to 8000. - ArsalAnsari - 11-19-2011

I am heared about increase in stipend any body have knowledge or evidence to this. PLz Reply on.

- umer90 - 11-20-2011

Man ICAP website still says 6500

although there is a need to increase in stipend cuz 6500 are only penuts

- lonewolf - 11-21-2011

i too have heard about it. i think only firms have received notice about it & its not public till yet..Further more as fas as i know it is applicable from july 2012 so nothing gud for now

- bilalfca - 11-21-2011


ICAP has increased the Minimum stipend... New rates are as under

Basic 8,000
After passing Mod E or F 11,000
On passing Mod E and F 30,000

Also the Article-ship period has been increased to 3.5 years now as compared to 3 years...

Applicable form July 2012


- A.A - 11-22-2011

@bilalfcaWoA.Could you please mention the source of this news?I couldn't find it on ICAP's website.ICAP changed the articleship period only a couple of years ago so changing it again so soon seems a little weird.

- umer90 - 11-22-2011

If its true than its great cuz 6500 are peanuts

- BILAL.SARDAR - 11-23-2011

The stipend has been increased to Rs. 8,000 as decided in council meeting. If u r a FB user than have a look at this.



- bilalfca - 11-23-2011


BILAL.SARDAR has shared the page.. Check it out!

- A.A - 11-28-2011

Thanks bilal.sardar and bilalfca for sharing this info before ICAP announced it.
ICAP has finally uploaded it

The change in training period applies to contracts registered from December 2011 while the change in stipend rates applies to all contracts.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 11-29-2011

Well 3 yrs articles for 1st attempter of E & F vanished (

Now evry1 will enjoy 3.5 yrs at any cost.

- nabeel_m9 - 11-29-2011

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by BILAL.SARDAR</i>
<br />Well 3 yrs articles for 1st attempter of E & F vanished (

Now evry1 will enjoy 3.5 yrs at any cost.
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Assalam u Alaikum...

i didnt hear this dear...i hv read the ICAP notification about stipend rates mentioning 4 yr articles for 4 yr graduates or masters from ICAP recognised institutes. but it dznt mention anything about 3.5 yrs for all ca students )
n i hope its not..3 yr opportunity is a charm ..although not easily attainable )

- decentshaw - 11-29-2011

Good to know the news . 6500 is tooo less.
What about ACCA students/Affiliates ? will they too recieve the same stipend?

- BILAL.SARDAR - 11-29-2011

@ Nabeel_m9

i wish its not the case as i interpreted it.

- umer90 - 11-30-2011

what have u interpretated