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Stipend for ACCA students - decentshaw - 11-29-2011

Hello all!

After a while at last there is some good news from ICAP that minimum stipend atlast been increased.
I am concerned about the stipend for ACCA student.
I have read the ICAP official notification of Increase in stipend
The catagories defined are somewhat a lil condusing for me. ACCA students or ACCA affiliate fall is which catagory?
8,000 , 7,000 or 10,000?

How much ACCA affiliates getting currently during thier Training? 6500? or more?

Lookin for your contribution guys!

- affiliate - 11-30-2011

yes please tell me as well whats the stipend for acca affilates in one of the big 4s? Those acca affiliates who does not have exemption.

- umer90 - 12-01-2011

ACCA is an useless qualification

- affiliate - 12-01-2011

its a useless qualification not AN useless qualification.
I asked a question if you know it then tell!!!!

- decentshaw - 12-01-2011

Dont make useless comment.. please stay on topic.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 12-04-2011

@ decentshaw

I'm also confused at this point but i guess its better to ask ICAP for absolute assurance.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 12-04-2011

@ affiliate

What do u mean by " Those acca affiliates who does not have exemption."???

- umer90 - 12-05-2011

icap no time for such useless questions , its quite right that icap has minimized the exemptions of ACCA

- affiliate - 12-06-2011

@ bilal.sardar i meant those new affiliates who don't have exemption till mod D
@ umer90 ICAP is a completely useless institution as well. Nobody is able to complete CA they just pass inter and thats it. What does that mean??? it means their system is flawed. At least we ACCAs are able to pass our exams!!!!

- BILAL.SARDAR - 12-06-2011

@ affiliate

Ferguson, KPMG and Deloitte does not induct ACCAs not having CA inter exemption as trainee (However they may be inducted as part time internee). EY does induct ACCA qualified as trainee but i also heard that they are not giving ICAEW training.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 12-06-2011

@ affiliate

Do u really think that its a loophole or flaw of an institute if students are not able to pass exams. I guess its totally the fault of students. And secondly ACCA is worthwhile degree but the reason for the downfall is the number of ppl prepossessing the degree.

- affiliate - 12-06-2011

Yes i agree with you..a lot of people are doing ACCA nowadays with the result that the supply has risen with no increase in demand.
Why aren't people passing CA then? Is it tough or there aren't enough resources and faculty for CA students? I have seen my friends just crticizing CA. I know the CA course is vast and lengthy but there aren't enough resources dedicated for their training and education.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 12-06-2011

There r alot of reasons for the failure.

Those who criticize must be those who r not able to pass the exams. Obviously if i'm not able to do something then i'l curse it. So the main fault is of students. 2ndly the most pathetic ppl r those who fail and does not even know y thy failed.

Do u know that the pprs r checked twice and there is one moderator to maintain check and balance on the process of checking so how one can expect unfair result.

- umer90 - 12-08-2011

Agreed that CA checking is a bit tough , each of those 50 marks are earned , really but this is not the case with every paper , although ICAP checking can be tough on u some times but is equally justified as to the people who eventually pass have very high value in market

- hzs - 12-11-2011

I'm in Ernst & Young there policy is that an ACCA affiliate would get stipend equal to a CA inter. However if you have cleared paper p6 & P7 then your stipend would be equal to a mod E passed. by the way ICAP wont decide our stipend it depends on individual firm policy. ICAP only regulates CA stipend.