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B4 - FA1 Books and RAETs - Fuzzy_56 - 12-04-2011

Salam members ,
I am a student of CA n studying Mod A + B4 in the worst institution of Islamabad ' CPE ' , one should never join it even if it is the only institute .

Our B4 - IFA teacher hasn't recommend any book , only pac past pprz , my exams are in Mar. n we have only covered 10 marks theory portion and journal , ledger , trial balance n cash book . I m not satisfy with the way sir is teaching us and now taking classes on sunday of 3 - 4 hours =( so I want to study privately at home along with institute's class ...

1. Please tell me the book which is best for FA-1 ... Can a person study FA-1 at home and clear his concepts ?
Please help me !

2. I think this will be my 4th aur 5th topic about Raets . Please tell me which RAET is best to join in Islamabad ( not rawalpindi ) ?
Thanx )

- zahid 13456 - 12-04-2011

1. Please tell me the book which is best for FA-1? >>>past papers by Adnan rauf published by SKANS (especially for those, who have FSC background)

2.Can a person study FA-1 at home and clear his concepts ? >>>yup!

- Fuzzy_56 - 12-04-2011

I have done having 72% and whats the difference between PAC past papers n SKANS past papers ? What about Mukherjee's book ?

- Fuzzy_56 - 12-05-2011

no one else there to reply on my topic ? I m really worrying about IFA ..

- bilalfca - 12-06-2011


dont wory... just keep ur track with the teacher!



- tahmans - 12-06-2011

it would be hard for you to study it at your own, if you dont have any background...

i suggest you to take classes, and study on your own also..

take mukherjee's book..its the best and has simple language...take it and study the major things..

partnership, branch, single entry, depreciation, inventory .. these and the other major topics that come in the will know what to study after seeing the past papers....see the topics that are tested, and prepare those topics first!

good luck!

- Fuzzy_56 - 12-06-2011

I have done but it was all cramming ( I realize it after studying in RAET )... In , I studied

Journal , ledger , Trial balance
Cash Book
Bank Reconciliation
Final Accounts
Rectification of Errors
Statement of Affairs
Consignment Accounts
Partnership ( Retirement , Dissolution , Death , Admission )

- Fuzzy_56 - 12-06-2011

What is the price of the Mukherjee's Modern Accountancy ?
Should I only buy Vol. 1 or both ?
I will be going out of city for a week in last month of December )

- Fuzzy_56 - 12-06-2011

Will I be needing ' Gripping IFRS ' at this stage ?

- tahmans - 12-09-2011

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Fuzzy_56</i>
<br />Will I be needing ' Gripping IFRS ' at this stage ?
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No gripping for module B.
i dont know mukherjee;s price...and i dont know if it comes in 2 volumes s

its available at any CA book shop...just ask for it...its a fat book...

well..then you have to read it and understand..craming wont really work, because ICAP can give technical qs where you have to apply logic..

- Tango - 01-02-2012

don't worry and just trust and follow your teacher's guidelines,
however practice 2-3 times of PAST EXAM QUES in home and then discuss with ur teacher is the most important thing for success in b4. the major topics in b4 are;

-ias2(invntry), ias16(initial, subsquent cost, dep, derecognition), and some adjustments like BRC, control a/c's, prepayment and accruals, provisions/bad dets etc..
-final a/c, NPO, single entry, cash flows
-partnership and branch.

so don't deviate from targeted course outline while using mukkhr gee, and focus the >>teacher's notes and PAC practice<<, otherwise self study is not usually advisable with and like backgrounds!

also study b4 solutions n comments from icap web

RE: B4 - FA1 Books and RAETs - gulabgang - 12-25-2014

it wont be better to do cima at this stage, when you have came that much further, try your best. qualifications are not the thing to switch everytime.