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Future of ACCA in Pakistan - nakaiun - 01-23-2012

Assalam o alaiqum
i wanted to know what ACCA has done to have there own chartered certified accountant firm in Pakistan like ACCA have in UK y so many students from Pakistan r left at the mercy of firms which r registered to ICAP which has monopoly in Pakistan ACCA qualified not able to sign the assurance report in Pakistan but they can give other services to companies
senior ACCA plz answer this

- lost - 01-23-2012

I don't blame ACCA if ACCAs are not allowed to sign audit report in Pakistan. This is what is happening all around the world except Middle East. Local Bodies always have privilege over other foreign bodies.

As far as firms in Pakistan are concerned, ACCAs are under no obligation to join firms.

Problem now is that ACCA are not being considered for articleship by TOP FIRMS like PWC, Delliote and KPMG. That door is closed. This is a huge setback for ACCAs in my opinion. I remember the time when part qualified ACCAs were inducted by those firms. Now door is totally closed. In near future ,i think, other firms will also have similar stringent policies in place for ACCA.

- nakaiun - 01-23-2012

as ACCA qualified r not allowed to sign a report in Pakistan but having chartered certified accountant firm which provide services like sound internal control system risk assessment etc by providing quality of services to companies we can build our brand like that of big 4 and give a signal that there is someone also in the market this will assist to mount pressure to give right to sign report in Pakistan

- nakaiun - 01-25-2012

waiting for acca students to reply

- Horwath - 02-07-2012

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by nakaiun</i>
<br />waiting for acca students to reply
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hey lets start our acca firm in pakistan.......lets email & ask process.

my email is

its about time we ACCA 's took the lead in the market & help boost pak Economy by providing exceptional professional services.....we can provide frosenic audit/accounting,internal audit, SOP designing,Book keeping, tax advise .etc

kya khayal hai?

- nakaiun - 02-09-2012

i have mailed the topic to ACCA GLOBAL AND TO KARACHI office but no reply same topic i posted at ACCA pakistan wall in FACEBOOK which is

ACCA Pakistan Thank you Noman for bringing forth a very pertinent topic of discussion. We'd like to point out that ACCA Pakistan has a relationship with over 300 approved employers that recruit trainees and members for various roles in their finance function. We cannot dictate any company's recruitment policy but hundreds of our trainees get an opportunity to work at the Big 4 firms having matched their selection criteria which is a testament of the strength of ACCA's qualification. A lot of them shared their stories with us in the recent Talent Gymnasium we organised for ACCA trainees in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. We can also confirm that the Big 4's senior management supports ACCA Pakistan in terms of induction, sharing insights and agendas alike. A proof of that is their presence at a majority of ACCA Pakistan’s discussion forums.

Our advice to ACCA Members and Trainees is not to limit yourself and seek job opportunities in the audit firms only but also explore other avenues in the corporate and public sectors. To aid our students to get PER, we are running a career portal which signposts finance opportunities every week to our trainees. In addition to that ACCA globally runs ACCA Careers (https// that signposts any international opportunities that are available.

In 2012 we aim to go a step further and engage with even more employers as well as develop our Trainee's soft skills by various initiatives. We will be posting career related tips regularly on this page to aid you in finding and securing a job in accounting and finance. Do follow our page for further updates.

- BILAL.SARDAR - 02-11-2012

Well thats a really good if firm like this is made to well-being of ACCA and I appreciate the time spent by all in this respect but Do you ppl really think that a ACCA qualified person with UK variant sign a report which is made on the basis of Companies Ordinance of Pakistan which that person never has gone through.