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Business Intelligence & Information Supply Chain - TheOne - 06-04-2003

Can anyone throw some light on EBI (Enterprise Business Intelligence) and EISC (Enterprise Information Supply Chain)???...

- CBPian - 08-02-2003

Well, Business intelligence takes the volume of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful information that people can easily use. With this information in accessible reports, people can make better and timelier business decisions in their everyday activities. Like score cards, KPIs, dashboards.

EISC management helps to
-Optimize your material sources by tracking and measure supplier performance on an ongoing basis
-Increase reliability of your supply by scorecarding your suppliers—quantifying your relationships with suppliers individually and in aggregate
-Optimize your spending by analyzing spending patterns by supplier
-Optimize your production material handling, and ensure materials are available when and where needed
-Optimize your inventory levels, and reduce out-of-stock or overstock.
etc. etc.

- sumaaan - 08-02-2003

There you have it.