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Changing audit firm - Husain - 02-05-2012

Hi guys, please help me, i am CA student registered with ICAP. Coming June, I am going to appear in Module E papers. I want to change the firm, there is no learning in the firm i belong to. Are there any chances for me in better firms like Anjum asim and BDO ?? I have already spent 2 years articles here, but i cant continue now. Would i be considered in ANjum asim or BDO ?????????? Any idea? So far, i have been on 15+ clients including manufacturing, distribution, services, etc... PLEASE REPLY WHO SO EVER BELONGS TO GRANT THORNTON OR BDO KARACHI ...........

- Husain - 02-05-2012

i am from Baker Tilly Karachi, and want to switch in any other firm where learning opportunities are available.. please help me guys..

- BILAL.SARDAR - 02-05-2012

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<br />i am from Baker Tilly Karachi, and want to switch in any other firm where learning opportunities are available.. please help me guys..
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Its a harsh reality that switching from one firm to another is not that much easy for some reasons like the firm u belong to might not allow to do so and secondly getting into other firm is not that much easy however ICAP does allow the trainee students to switch to other firm.

Hint Try to get articles in some good firm without leaking this thing to the present firm and then request the relevant partner.

Best of luck.

- Husain - 02-09-2012

thanx... but if icap has given a provision in contract , then i think if i get a chance in better firm, then icap would help me if my present firm wont give me NOC. right ?

- BILAL.SARDAR - 02-11-2012

Hopefully ICAP will help you in this regard.

- tahmans - 02-18-2012

I would suggest you to complete your training in the firm you are at the moment. you have spent 2 years already, its just a matter of 1.5 years..I say this because nowadays, there is a lot of monopoly among firms. unless you have a good reference in bdo or gt, you will not be inducted (they make induction for new/fresh students so hard..compitition is great). and IF they do induct you, they will make it hard for you to stay (because you are unwanted for them-ie a person who has changed the firm etc.. they may have many issues against you) .. so you may be kept as an internee or something until they are satisfied.

Since icap is a regulatory body, it has a provision of changing firms, but its not that easy. something like noc would be required, which your present firm would not provide you with..and you will also get in the bad books of your current firms partner or whatever..

i think 'learning' is a subjective issue.. every person learns something or the other at any place he is. having done 15+ clients in 2 years is a good average..and in any other firm, you may get big clients, but the learning will be the will deal with the same issues..and most of all, its about satisfaction. 2 people can not have the same learning..your learning will be different from my learning..even if we go to the same client (for example you go to audit, i go for review), your dealing and my client dealing, your learning and mine will be it can not match with anyone..

the advantage for you would be to give more time to your studies and pass papers- that is the most important thing..

you may want to work in some other firm after completing your articles..that would be the best thing to do.. this way, you could apply to the big 4 firms also, because you would have cmopleted your articleship...

btw, what makes you think the learning isnt there in your current firm?? this question goes to the poster of the thread, and the one who posted after the first post (the person from baker tilly)...