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Federal or Provisional Jurisdiction - Omeir - 02-07-2012

I have a couple of questions

1) Who are companies supposed to follow the question is that the leave grants for sick and casual 8 and 10 respectively and leave encashment of 14 days are given as per sind shop act. While when the sindh govt announces a holiday we claim that we come under the jurisdiction of Federal govt. Can someone please clarify under whose jurisdiction do the companies fall in this regard be it a sole proprietor, aop, pvt ltd or public ltd.

2) The other question is that when is leave encashment applicable, after the end of the financial year? What if an employee leaves during the year, is he/she eligible for leave encashment. And in this case how are the sick and casual leaves to be taken on account, on a prorate base?

Would appreciate a quick response.

- Omeir - 02-17-2012

Please, anybody a reply is needed.