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PARROT.... Reloaded - TheOne - 06-11-2003

Instead of replying to evey topic separately, as required by the "Netiquettes" of online forums... it's unique example at this forum to send 'same reply' at about 10 different topics.... by (all readers should've got that by now... including the Admn.) one of the so-called "latest" members.
Now instead of replying at 10 different forums I'm compelled by the "Parrot - Reloaded" to post this reply. I could reply in 10 different ways because there're tens of things to be replied but since at every subject nothing was required to be replied except a useless personal "Oooh!!! & Aaahh!!" and further... at all places question was 'the same old ****'..
So, I preferred not to waste time and words at 10 different places... My actual reply is the one and simple... 'if you can't debate... don't spoil the place with your rottening self and stinking being'....
(in bazaari language...'if you can't play.. don't pi** in the playground)...
"Alcott" said... "Debate is masculine; Conversation is feminine"... Now, I wouldn't remark about the 'gender' of your same statement at 10 diffenet places... you can judge it... Further, someone said "the wiset kind of people discuss 'ideas' and most stupid people discuss 'personalities'.... by discussing my 'personality' you've perfectly introduced yourself in the very first place... )..thank you for being so true and honest about yourself.. it's rarely seen..I appreciate that... I hope you'll be behaving the same way in future..
Last but not the least.... mind it and rest assure... you've just used roman urdu (probably to the lengtht of your beak....but I can reply in almost other three Pakistani languages in 'roman'style (for all of your future bull****) and such replies could be very hard & bitter enough for you to even be understood or digested... believe me the bitterest answer of your words is hidden within your words.. if you need it i can reply you just send me an email... [I'll resolve all your issues]...Some unknown wiseman said 'keep your words sweet... you may have to eat them"...[you must visit]...
and also!! by the way... why are you so gender conscious in the very first place????... Ok.. Ok.."TheOne" wouldn't call you just another "neice" but... "NoOne" [the newest member of the forum] can always call you a neice..... [probably you'll also say that 'NoOne' should call you a neice????... my heartiest welcome to NoOne]....keep smiling..
In the end MY PERSONAL THANKS TO YOU.... I repeat saying some another wiseman.... "If there was no Darkness... how could the light be judged???".....
Guys... have you now seen Third kind of a "PARROT"??? (But this looks Re-Loaded one!!!)
...Oh yeah... one thing more... I've seen at National Geographic many times that male parrots are never Loaded... let alone the 'Re-loaded'.... "....Happy Budget (and a happy new 'Munda in the Campus' [you all know to whom we call a Munda????..]..)...everybody!!!

Edited by - TheOne on Jun 11 2003 011921 AM